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HACLR is one of the main academic activities of the Houmbolt Research Initiative HRC; an academic forum that gather legal scholars, law professors and researchers in the United States and around the world, who are especially interested in sharing research, scholarly and academic works regarding international and comparative law, including but not limited to, Articles online, global reports, research resources and research projects in different languages. We are strongly committed to enhance throughout our legal research and online publications the values of democracy, human rights protection, respect of the rule of law and international development.


Houmbolt American Comparative Law Review HACLR is a professional run-network publication that provides a truly global and very dimensional academic space for dedicated students, cutting-edge researchers and the brightest scholars coming from several of the best universities worldwide to discuss and analyze global legal challenges, encompassing several of the most actual issues, such as: Economic Human Rights Protection;  Immigration Law Tendencies and Worldwide Reforms; International Finance Restructuring; Corporate Governance and Commercial Law; International Tax and Trade Law; Multilateral Fiscal Policy; Global Corruption, Criminal Justice and Constitutional Rights Adjudication; American Legal System Values, Contributions and Constitutional Traditions; European Union Law and European Reengineering Process; International Fiscal Policy and Global Economic Expansion. We oversight research projects on BRICs Law, International Relations, Legislative Technique and Comparative law. Depicting


The Law Review is mainly focused on Articles and research papers providing strategic legal solutions vis-à-vis these world’s major legal challenges. Thereby, law professors, legal scholars, and professional researchers from different fields (politics, economics, finance, anthropology, philosophy) as well as practicing attorneys around the world are especially invited to submit their Articles. HACLR Articles authored by prominent legal scholars span the United States and many countries overseas. The American Comparative Law Review is published twice a year (July - December). We also accept Articles from MA, SJD, JSD, JD, PhD, and LLM candidates. For more information click on submissions or contact us at:


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Welcome to Houmbolt American Comparative Law Review HACLR. New Issue July-August 2014. Our Law Review is ONLY AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS PLATAFORMS for which some Apple and Mac users may experience delays or difficulties while displaying graphics and images. Both the Law Review and the Houmbolt Research Center Programs will be available for all electronic plataforms through XM5 starting September 2014. To read our Articles just click on (Read).


July 2015 - year vii - number 15











Complex Litigation in Crossborder Class Actions



Depicting Size & Class Actions Requirements in North American Legislation -  The Guinea Equatorial Class Action Harmonization Project - PRACTA in UE Class Actions & Tran-border Restrictions - Erie Doctrine & Multiforum Issues in Global Trade - The Concept of Federal Corporations in Transnational Venues